The week in the Zen Center of Los Angeles

zcla_tratada_bxThe Zen Center of Los Angeles is a small community where they live 26 people, all practitioners being that some are monks. In addition to me as a guest, had 2 Korean monks.

On sunday was the celebration of the Buddha’s birthay, when was prepared an altar with flowers in the garden and after the ceremony we had a lunch. Many people came, a great party!

During the week, in the morning, there were 2 periods of zazen and then a ceremony. I participating in distributing books and one day I touched the mokugio (traditional instrument, that the rhythm of the ceremony). I was unable to attend the course of precepts, and also of a ceremony of repentance.

But the most wonderful was be able to share the life and coexistence in the Zen Center. A lady of 84 years, was in the process of moving to a elderly home and dealing with the issues of aging. A practitioner who teaches zazen in prison in LA and who told me about the importance of this experience. The monk Tae Ho who told me about the feeling of “home” that she felt alone when I thought the point of view of the small “I”, but when it broadened the vision she could see that the
the feeling of home was not connected to just one place, but she could “be home” in the place where she was.I also could enjoy the company of Yudo, responsible for the guests in Zen Center that guided me and also took me for a walk in LA. I left Los Angeles with a deep sense of gratitude for having had the opportunity to practice where my master, Monja
Coen, began its journey. And also to live with wonderful people, who received me warmly and that each one, in its own way and at his time of life, they have taught me a little more about the Zen and on life.


4 responses to “The week in the Zen Center of Los Angeles

  1. Fue un placer hablar con tigo y conocerte un poquito. Que te vaya bien en Mountain Center. Rosa Ando Martinez

  2. Olá Enguetsu San, obrigada por compartilhar um pouco dos seus dias conosco, fico muito feliz que esteja gostando e fazendo dessa sua prática o caminho. Esta semana esta acontecendo aqui no Zendo a transmissão do Darma do Monge Dengako, esta sendo um momento muito especial e de grande alegria para nós.

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