Entering the pace


In our daily life, we always have practical issues to deal with. When I was working in Sao Caetano, it was the distance and the train. In the time that I worked at home, needed to leave to speak with someone and pay attention to not working too hard. In my father’s home, had the stairs, and that if I did not pay attention, I would spent the day in the middle of the path, ascending and descending to catch something forgotten.

Here at the monastery is no different, the schedule is intense and the free periods passing quickly. We are in the period of intensive training, we woke up at 5 in the morning, the Zazen begins at 5:30, and we have followed between Zazen, Kinhin, ceremonies and work until 9:00 PM, we have one hour interval after breakfast and dinner and two hours after lunch. Monday is the free day, you only have 2 periods of Zazen in the morning, starting at 7:00 and on Tuesday, did not have the time to work, which happens after breakfast. The internet is limited, has a quota per day that usually finished before I finish reply e-mails, and update the blog or Facebook. On the other hand, I am in a beautiful place, I see squirrels in the trees, and I can walk among the pine trees, in one hour I arrive at peak Apache, one of the most uncool California where in clear days if it overlooks the Pacific Ocean.

And, in this set of things, between facilities and difficulties, I realize how truly our life is made in this and how much there is no other time when things will be perfect. I have an hour, I shoul go for a shower, a draw, or do a bit of yoga? The time passes quickly and you have to be ready for the Zazen at the right time.

On Saturday we had a day to practice Zen for beginners, came several people, some for the first time, other than that already practice some time ago. It was wonderful to receive them, Hear their testimonies. A practitioner spoke of how it was important for him know of the existence of this Center, that in the rush of day-to-day, he remembered here and the fact of knowing that this place exists, could made him be more present and calm. And, hence, to know the importance of a new stimulus to the practice, we do Zazen and maintain the schedule not only for us, that we are living here, but for all.

And. .. End of lunch break, the work awaits for me!


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