Housekeeping Zen


Open eyes to clear what must be clean.
Save what needs to be saved.
Work to keep things in their places.
An invisible and essential work.
And think about how to do, what is the most appropriate way?

I have done little cleaning before coming here, as a middle class Brazilian almost always I had someone to take care of my house. Now, I am responsible for housekeeping Yokoji!
Learning to leave aside the “like, don’t like”, “cool work, boring work”.
Abandoning the imaginary hierarchy of good and bad. It is the work that is necessary and I am who should do it.

Being present in the moment.
No time for “I should be doing”.
Paying attention to the space around me.
What must be cleaned? How can I do that? Seeing, learning, doing.

And thus, the duality begins to disappear:
When am I meditating, sitting in Zazen or organizing a room?
When am I cleaning, sweeping or sitting in Zazen?



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