On the road

los olivos

After Green Gulch, I went back to San Francisco, now just as a tourist, like a little vacation. Since I came to the United States, I had five months of intense Zen practice, waking up between 4:30 and 5:30 AM, several periods of zazen per day and working. In the mountains, in the city or near the beach the more constant thing in my life since april was having a “Zen schedule”.

But practice does not end when you leave the Zen Center, perhaps that is when it starts… Traveling itself is a great opportunity to practice Zen. Be mindful, enjoy, live the moments of relaxation and joy and also the moments when it’s necessary to make decisions and choices. And have the right communication, how to position yourself, how to create harmony.

I travelled with Hiléia,  my friend and colleague of kundalini yoga and his son Thiago, now also my friend. In these days come as part of the family or friends as we turned the three travelers.

We had some trouble. They rented our car before coming from Brazil. But only brought international driver’s license wich in the United States has no validity without the Brazilian driver’s license, luckily I was with mine and we could travel. The day we got the car, we had to solve it, then solve the operation of the GPS that was not configured and how they would receive the Brazilian document . The day seemed like a gymkhana, full of obstacles to overcome.

At the end of the day, tired of solving many problems, a small coincidence that sounded like a good omen. After being installed in hostel room, I began to hear a song that I recognized as being one of kundalini yoga mantra. I started talking to our neighboring who was listening to the music and she was also a kundalini yoga teacher . We told her all that had happened in our day and she said “but you guys managed, you are here” and we comment about our previous day that had been peaceful and relaxing. And talking about that, about how we usually prefer the nice day, she said, “but every day is a good day.” And it is true , not only to be able to know the differences but also with what you learn from it.

Then follow the drive down the coast of California, enjoying its beautiful landscapes, delicious wines and the pleasure of being able to rest and enjoy life.


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