Food market in Guadalajara

Food market in Guadalajara

I arrived in Mexico, here I am closer to Brazil.
In all senses.
In the green of the trees, the people’s behave, the day that wakes up sunny and gets dark rainy .

Now I don’t have a Zen schedule to follow. I do yoga in the morning and then my time is free. I’m putting my life up to date, knowing the city, organizing my next steps.

I’m more in touch with family and friends, but also with life and stress of São Paulo. It is not always easy this proximity and is sometimes difficult to explain what I’m going through. Different realities, parallel universes …

My experience in the United States to live and practice in communities was very intense, I became one with the places where I’ve been, I was melted like ice in a teacup. Now I have to return to have my form. But actually there is no return … So, here I am, finding my new way in a new city, a different culture, a new present, here and now!


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