White Tantric Yoga and the doubts


A week after my arrival in Mexico I attended a day of meditative practice called White Tantric Yoga. It’a a collective practice, with approximately 200 people. Meditation is done in pairs, formed ranks and follow the directions given by Yogi Bajan by video. One  White Tantric Yoga can be very different from another, usually we chant mantras and many remain open eyes staring at the other person. Who am I, who is the other? These boundaries desapear over the practice.

It was three and a half hours in the morning and in the afternoon. For me, used to the Zen retreats, it was not tiring. But this is a meditation that moves in a profound way, it says that removes blockages and patterns the subconscious. Its effect the following next few days and even months according to my teacher. The recommendation was not to make any important decisions for the following 40 days and to watch yourself closely. Indeed the days that followed were intense for everyone who attended. After the yoga classes here, we shares some food (prassad) and experiences, and many people said they were more sensitive, unstable, as if were no longer possible sweeping dirt under the rug and hide yourself doubts and uncertainties .

I accepted the challenge to not make any decisions and to decide what to do after Guadalajara after this deadline. I let myself navigate through possibilities and memories, which after all are part of the present. Feeling the doubt without being carried by a seaquake of anxiety. Allowing me to be in a place of not knowing, I will go to a Yoga farm in Guatemala, go back to Green Gulch or change the route and go to Peru? I’ve floated by space and time, future possibilities. The forty days are over and coincidence or not, it was clear what I should do. But I only will tell in the next post. Wait for the next chapters!


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