The year that goes and the time that comes

sunday in the student lounge!

sunday in the student lounge!

2015 is just beginning.
New Year is time to reflect on what had gone and what will come.

In these last months I have not written in my blog, but I have been not absent, I think I was very present.

Living in a Zen Center has a lot to do with it, to be present, available for what life presents. Is not that you need to leave your life and travel to “be present”. But to me, being with people who have the same quest and an organized environment for this, helps a lot.

And it helps in many ways, in the daily meditation practice, the ceremonies, the careful work in the kitchen. But also how much we are available to live and share with each other. There is no cell in public areas, meals are taken together. Say something serious or small talk is part of day-to-day. You do not mark on the agenda to meet a friend.

So, in these last few months have not been very present here, on the blog, but I participated in the Practice Period, exposed in the Student Lounge, but also, I allowed myself to stay longer after breakfast talking to someone, sometimes just listening, sometimes laughing. I let myself feel the winter coming and shortening of the day, here above the equator.

And if I wish something to 2015, It will be to be simple!
Attention to what life offers and joy! Happy 2015 !!


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