Entering the monastery

Several events.
Four men were killed in the Zen Center corner. Four lives stolen from its natural course. The violence, which to a greater or lesser degree is everywhere. Here’s murder made headlines in the newspapers, but in so many places is just one more. But the sadness and the pain is the same, an open wound, bleeding.
And in São Paulo, the water runs out. Hard to believe, and yet an announced situation. We need to face this reality and the question of how the city will be from now on.
Meanwhile, here in San Francisco I sat Tangaryo. Tangaryo comes from the tradition of the monks who were entering the monastery should sit outside showing their dedication to practice sitting in Zazen for a long period. Here at Zen Center, we sat for a day. Together with me sat 8 people. Unlike a Seshin (retreat) no bells indicating the beginning and end of a period of zazen. We leave the meditation room just to go to the bathroom and drink water. For meals the Ino, priest responsible for the activities in the temple, picked us up to go to the dining room. Like old monks we sat together diligently, through the day, with pains, joys, breathing, inhaling and exhaling.
And what does it mean today? In the midst of turbulence, of the news, “entering the monastery?” Believe and practice the correct attention, right thought, right speech, creating harmony. Cultivating the “higher self”, which is not separate from all that is. And dedicate for everyone to also to know and practice. Not imposing or trying to convince. But offering, as who shares something precious, for all to become the enlightened path.


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