Luck or bad luck


Do you know the story of the Chinese farmer? It has been my story since the beginning of the year.

A Chinese farmer had a horse. One day it disappear, his neighbors came and said bad luck, he said “maybe”. The next day the horse returned with five wild horses, the neighbors came and said that’s luck!And he “maybe”. The next day the farmer’s son fell in the floor when riding one of the horses and broke his leg, the neighbors said bad luck and he “maybe”, the other morning officers came to recruit his son, but when they saw that he had a broken leg, they gave up. Again the neighbors came and gave congratulations, good luck and that the farmer … Maybe.

 I was planning to go to Japan in April, to visit monasteries, practice there and then travel in the Southeast Asia. In January, when I began to organize it,  found out that I could not apply for a Japonese visa being in the US on a tourist visa, I would have to return to Brazil which was not be possible now.
Bad luck!
So I decided to stay here at Zen Center until June and go to the Summer Solstice, large gathering of Kundalini Yoga in New Mexico, in which about a thousand people gather for classes, music concerts and meditation. Over the past two years planned to go and could not. Perfect!
In February I went to Mexico in vacation and also because I was completing six months in the US and had to leave the country. On the way back at the airport, they sent me to the immigration hall, the small room” in which they ask questions and enter or not in the US depends on the officer who are there. For a moment I did not know what was going to happen. They will send me back to Mexico? They will give me just a month? The usual is giving three or six months and I had a letter from the center zen saying that I would be there for four months. I had done that on other occasions and had not been a problem, I asked for four and had earned six and that’s all right. Them they looked in the Zen Center web page and decided to give me exactly four months. Wow, I managed to get in the US but had to get out until the 15th of June, that’s a week before the summer solstice start.
Bad luck!
Without New Mexico in June I decided to use the opportunity to know Tassajara the Zen Center in a valley that I had not been able to visit and the first Buddhist monastery outside the east, and a place I always wanted to know and had not yet had a chance. After that, going to Mexico and will start a new stage of my journey, I will spend a week visiting friends in Guadalajara and then to the coast of Oaxaca in which through the site workaway‘ll do an art project in exchange for my stay there. WOW !!!
Anyway, I can say it has been a learning experience to deal with reality as it presents itself, and seek to handle with equanimity. I’m excited about the new stage of my journey and learning to deal with the unexpected. I am going towards Brazil and making the way while I’m walking

2 responses to “Luck or bad luck

  1. Dear Enguetsu! I love your perspective on your adventures and am so happy we met. Enjoy your travels and good luck…perhaps! xo Jisho

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