Painting a mural

I painted a mural!

One of the goals of my trip is to be working in my way back to Brazil.

Through the site workaway I found this opportunity to do an artist residency. The work would be done in exchange of accommodation and meals. Jorge the hotel owner, liked my drawings and we agreed that I would make a mural on the wall of a room.

And thus there I went to Mazunte, on the Oaxaca coast in southern Mexico.

There’s just one thing. I had never done a mural before. I confess that when I arrived, I thought, why did I come up with this mural story? How I’m going to do it?

We bought wall acrylic paint, which was what we found in the nearest town. I did a test on cardboard, but I was not very happy about the result.

How to resolve, bringing the beginner’s mind and seeing how to do it.

I remembered that my friend and artist Soraya Lucato used to do murals using watercolor crayons and pencils. So, I decided to try…

And them a colorful butterfly was born with a happiness of knowing that it was possible. Jorge liked and I kept doing it. I composed the wall with colors. Together with the forms, I learnt how to meet a challenge and find a way to solve it. To feel fear (and if it doesn’t work?), and let it be, and let it goes.

These days I read a text by Beto Padiani, a Brazilian sailor, talking about the storm for who sail. The challenge where the nature find the weakness of the sailor and test his ability.

When finally the storm has gone and the sailor arrives, he loos at the sea and knows what happened and what he had to overcome to be there. The colors were my boat and the wall my sea.



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