Simple Life


The corn to prepare the tortilla in the La Ventana

In El Jardin, we woke up at 6:00 am for an hour of meditation and after that an hour of yoga. Prepared meals together. Taking bath with a mug looking at the landscape.

At La Ventana there was no schedule, what we ate was produced there. The tortilla was prepared every day, from the corn the dough was prepared, tortilhar. There was a river to swim and a hammock to sleep on the porch. No electricity or Internet. It’s amazing the connection we have when we are “disconnected”, feeling the time going by, the heating of the sun and then them the rain.

Living these realities makes me think of what is really important and expands the horizon of possibilities! Even if this is not my reality all the time, how do I bring this simplicity to my day-to-day? How can we be the reality we want for the world? Always good to know examples of people who are doing it now.

my room at El Jardin

my cabin in La Ventana

my cabin in La Ventana

the kitchen of La Ventana

the kitchen of La Ventana





2 responses to “Simple Life

  1. Hi Enguetsu!

    You said “it’s amazing how we feel connected when we’re disconnected”,” and I feel very much that way in meditation . What you said encourages me to keep meditating, since I live in a city where it can be challenging to disconnect. Love hearing the joy you feel through your travels!

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