Sharing Life – Panajachel

View from my room in Panajachel

View from my room in Panajachel

An important part of my trip are the encounters along the way, sharing life with new people that come and become part of the story.

In Panajachel on the Lake Atitlan I stayed and worked in an art gallery, La Galeria, through workaway, which is also the home of artist Nan Cuz, and his son Thomas and his daughter in law, Sabine.

Nan Cuz

Nam is an 88 years lady, an incredible artist, her mother was a Guatemalan indigenous and her father German. Born and raised in Guatemala as a child, she moved to Germany with his father where she completed her education. Her art reflects her history and pulsates with intense colors. Nowadays, Nam has a lot of difficult to walk, eats very slowly and doesn’t speak much. But even though there’s no long conversations with her, you feel her presence and history.

For twenty days I lived the life of this family, helped Nam to walk and eat. I had a separate room of the house, but ate meals together, during that time was part of my day-to-day go out to buy tortilla on a “tortilleria 3 tiempos” (places that prepare tortilla by hand at breakfast time, lunch and dinner). I walked with Sabine in the morning and I could enjoy the beauty of the lake. I taught Kundalini yoga, and organized a zazen activity. I did graphic design for the gallery and helped make pancakes on Sundays.

After a month I came out to spend two nights in my way to see the celebration of the Day of the Dead in another city. Good to see them again, a good feeling of coming home. Farewells have their sadness too, a reality that was mine and I have to leave. How many times I’m not going through these emotions along the way? But what pleased me is that if I had not the willingness to leave I would have not have the opportunity for new encounters.

Like say Milton Nascimento
“And so come and go
Are only two sides
Of the same trip
The train that arrives
It’s the same train to departure ”

And there’s something that stays with us, of the people we meet in the way.

Thomaz, Sabine and me

Thomaz, Sabine and me

Sabine and me

Sabine and me




Nam, me and Celeste

Nam, me and Celeste

Valentina and me

Valentina and me


2 responses to “Sharing Life – Panajachel

  1. Oh! I got behind on your newsletters and wanted to touch base while you were in Panajachel – did you meet someone named Allan Stern? He is from San Diego and married a Guatemalan woman and has a family there – he has been there for a long time – maybe 25 years or more. Anyway, I enjoy following your journey! Much love – Jisho!

    • Hi Jisho,
      I don’t remember by the name, but I met many americans expats who lives there. So, maybe I met him! Thanks for following me! love engetsu

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