Descovering Guatemala


When we listen to the reality of myriad things, we must know that there are inexhaustible characteristics in both ocean and mountains, and there are many other worlds in the four directions. This is true not only in the external world, but also right under our feet on within a single drop of water.”
Dogen Zenji – Genjokoan

I kept traveling and now I’m in Guatemala, a new world is revealed to me. There’s no point im compare how things are in Mexico or Brazil. Like everything in life the reality of now presents itself. It’s useless to seek the experience of yesterday.

Here the tortilla has tres tempos (three times), as the tortillerias only open before breakfast, lunch and dinner. Corn remains a sacred food. If we are what we eat, people here are truly from corn as in the story of the Popol Vul, the sacred book of the Mayans. And they keep the traditions in both the diet and the way they dress, specially the women in their colorful fabrics. Besides that, nature is amazing, forest in the north, mountains and volcanos in Lake Atitlán.

But I’m also discovering the history of the country and feeling the presence of fear, showed in the presence of men with machine guns in the streets, homes with very barbed wire. The Maya people suffered not only with the arrival of the Spaniards, but the oppression has remained through the centuries. Guatemala experienced a civil war that throughout his 36 years killed about 220,000 people.

I discovered Rigoberta Menchú here, a Guatemalan indigenous leader who received the Nobel Peace Prize. She lost her father and brother during the war and lived the oppression suffered by the people here, but held out hope and works for a better world.

Nosotros no somos mitos del pasado, ni del presente, sino que somos pueblos activos. Mientras que haya un indio vivo en cualquier rincón de América y del mundo, hay un brillo de esperanza y un pensamiento original.
Rigoberta Menchú

Experiencing the life and nature here I think of all these realities and those that exist within us. That external discoveries that reverberate inside and the internal world that reverberates outside. To cultivate peace, self-knowledge so that we can change this world of oppression. Be like Gandhi, the transformation we want for the world.


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