Mystical Yoga Farm


View from the farm looking to the Lake Atitlán

In early October I crossed the Lake Atitlán, from Panajachel to the Mystical Yoga Farm in Santiago Atitlán.

Here I could enjoy again the community life, but with a very different flavor of ZenCeremonies of Fire and Cacao, Temazcal (the sacred sauna), Ecstactic Dance, Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga.
Since I started to live and practice in community I felt the strength that is to practice together and here it was no different. But the beauty of living together is not that we are all perfect and higher beingsfloating around. Instead it is a space where questions arise and you have to deal with that. But together is possible to create a safe space with mutual support.
To live together with the different makes us see ourselves. It was interesting to be in this space, learn from the practices here but at the same time realize that the connection I have with the Zen and the Kundalini Yoga are deeper. But knowing this did not stop me from being present and share with pleasure classes and activities.
One of the themes practiced while I was there has been self-love, and I could see how much it’s easier for me to be tolerant of others than myself. I have irritations that are mine and appears even in a beautiful scenery, facing the lake and the volcano. Then I see how travel and practice is not to run away but to encounter. Finding out feelings and emotions, what makes me happy or angry. Learning from the different and discover more of who I am and am not.And who I am is already new changing moment after moment.

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