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Plastic Artist, Zen-Buddhist, graphic designer, Yoga teacher, illustrator. I am not one of those people who always knew what to do in life. But, walking in curves and living the doubts, I have arrived here. Whenever I used to draw, since I was a child. I studied Architecture at FAU-USP, where I continued drawing, I started to make watercolors and I discovered the graphic design. I participated in competitions, including the Philips award for young artists in 1994 (6th place) and the Projeto Nascente in 1993 (in which I received honorable mention) and 1994 (I was one of the finalists). When I graduated, I worked with architecture. I spent five years in a large office, enough to know that was not what I wanted. I decided, then, working with graphic design, which I have done since 2003. Also began to illustrate books and magazines.

In 2000, I began to practice yoga. Already at the first class, I felt the benefits of working the body in an integrated manner and I have never stopped. In 2006, I met the Zen through the Coen Roshi, in a retreat of Zen and Yoga in Jatoba Mandala Yoga. Since then, the Zen is part of my life as an aliment always fresh and nutritious. In 2009, I made the commitment to live according to the precepts Buddhists: “do no harm, do good and to do good to all beings”.

At this time, I received my name, Buddhist Enguetsu (En, the empty; Guetsu, moon). In the meantime, I continued practicing yoga. In 2010, I made the formation of Mandala Yoga at Jatoba mandala Yoga and, in 2012, I did the Kundalini Yoga Training.


5 responses to “about me

  1. Hi Enguetsu, Finally catching my breath after a week back at work. It was great to meet you and practice with you at SFZC & I hope to keep in touch. I can’t seem to find your email address–only blog address. Email me & I will write back!

  2. Great meeting you today at SFZC, and thanks for taking so much time chatting with Gabriela and me. As I mentioned I have time, and I car. I’d be happy to show you guys around the Bay Area for a bit.

    See you along the path!


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