Zen Buddhism

Zendo Brasil • Zen Center at Pacaembu district in São Paulo, where I started my pratice
Monja Coen’s site
Zen Center of Los Angeles
 Zen Mountain Center • the place where I’ll stay for around 3 months


Jatobá Mandala Yoga • a place in Sao Carlos where I first met Kundalini Yoga, the Zen Buddhism and did my Mandala Yoga training.
Kundal Yoga e Meditação • Kundalini Yoga school in Itaim district, São Paulo, where I did my training.

Centro de Kundalini Yoga e Tecnologías para o Espírito de Guadalajara • the school where I’ll be praticing in México


Árvores Vivas • company wich works with awareness of the três, where I started to teach kundalini yoga.

Walk and Talk
Luah Galvao e Danio Espana travellers web site, they travel the world looking for what really motive, inspire and matters.


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